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M. Davis aka Born Strangr was born on January 23, 1989. He spent most of his childhood growing up on streets of Long Beach, CA, a white kid running the streets of the LBC had to grow up fast. B Strange was the only white boy in his whole neighborhood and, of course, a product of his environment. His luck made a turn for the better when Born was signed with one of Hollywood’s most prestigious agencies, Innovative Artist, and received a management deal from John Robert Powers. Although he was successful for a few years,  being selected for lead roles in feature films with some of today’s top stars such as Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mary kate and Ashley Olsen, etc; his success was short lived when the terrorist attacks on 9/11 hit home with his family and he was forced to move east. Feeling beaten and discouraged, B Strange fell back into the only lifestyle he was familiar with and told himself he would never work himself to death and have nothing to show for it. He made a promise to himself and his team that if they wanted something they would buy it and if they couldn’t afford it then they would take it; period. Among other hustles that seemed rewarding at the time, his most important hustle was his music. Born, as he does with pretty much everything he strives to succeed at, overcame the competition and rose to the top. In his words, “the more successful you are means the more enemies you accumulate, the more money you got, the more problems you got.”

He has been successful at most things he’s pursued within his life thus far and has been blessed with a loving partner that continues to hold him down and a 2 yr. old daughter. He maintains the reality that his music has literally saved his life. Currently, Born Strangr is concentrating on staying independent, as long as, possible and reaching as many ears as he can without the support of a major label. He likes the idea that he has control of the content he puts out to motivate the world. Born’s debut E.P. “THE REALEST” is scheduled to be released at the end of February 2017. His following proves to be the most loyal of fans and that’s probably because of Born’s motto “one fan at a time”.

Q. Tell us about your name; Born Strangr.

A. My stage name, Born Strangr, believe it or not is a name with a lot of history. It’s almost 40 years in the making as a matter fact. My mom was the lead singer of a rock band in LA and they called themselves Born Stranger. I always liked that the name could be taken two different ways. It could be taken as if I was born a stranger, and I feel like no one quite gets the method to my madness. Or, it could be taken literal as if I was born strange, as in eccentric or weirder than those around me. I decided to call myself that in honor of my mother, who raised me on her own. So I decided to give the name a twist of my own and drop off the “e” at the end of stranger. I thank God I did because come to find out a band in the UK already owned the copyrights to my mom’s band name so it’s funny…everything fell into place quite perfectly. Hollywood was my nickname on the streets when I was on my grind, B Strange is what my close friends call me, and that’s the meaning of my trademarked stage name; Born Strangr.

Q. How did your interest in making music come about?

A. I wouldn’t call what I  have for music an “interest”. I’d probably call it more of an obsession. Music is always on my mind…24/7. No matter what I’m doing whether I’m working out, cooking, or reading a book to my daughter. I ALWAYS have a beat in my head….more of a rhythm, if you will. Some people call it a heart beat. I call it the instrumental to my life. Music had always been my passion and it literally saved my life. I was caught up in the street life and I didn’t know if I’d make it from day to day. I dealt with dangerous people and was a pretty dangerous person myself. MUSIC has been my way out…a means to an end.

Q. Having experienced a bit of Hollywood before, how do you think the experience has helped you as an artist?

A. Being in the film industry and a member of the Screen Actors Guild was an amazing way to spend my childhood. It give me a taste of the industry, but didn’t completely emerge me in it and ruin me like so many child actors are now days. So I’m glad how it all played out. I held a lot of resentment for my mom for taking me out of the business when she did. I remember like it was yesterday reading script with Matthew McConaughey and Bill Paxton for a lead role in the movie “FRAILTY”. It come down to me and one other kid; if I would’ve gotten that role I wouldn’t be answering these questions today. I believe that NOTHING is a mistake and don’t have the luxury of believing in coincidences. I believe if I stub my toe walking out of this building, it happened for a reason. Feel it… lol

Q. Who are your biggest influences in music?

A. Influences? Hmmm…there’s a lot of artist that I would like to work with. But as far as influencing me there’s only a few. One of my biggest influences, believe it or not is my personal friend and lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars – Jared Leto. I’ll never forget his energy and motivation on set… you could literally see stars in his eyes and even back in 2001 the first time I met him I’ll never forget between takes he would be in the back of this small ass, rinky dink mobile home, busting out sets of push ups. I haven’t met anyone like him since. Not to mention he’s very talented. Another of my influences is the Christian rap artist, NF. Nate and I have a lot in common, including being touched by addiction. He lost his mom to pills and I lost countless friends and family to the disease. It’s funny though because when Nate dropped Mansion with Capitol Records, the record was so similar to my debut album I literally trashed the whole project and started all over. I don’t want to sound like anyone else… he just happened to beat me to the punch. Lol. I also have a few other artist that has influenced my career such as MGK, G Easy, Cryptic Wisdom, Yellawolf, and of course the homie Em. I grew up listening to alot of these artist, and it’s thanks to them that I am who I am today.
Q. You are set to release your project very soon; what can your fans expect to hear?
A. My debut album “The Realest” is exclusively for sale on my website,, but will be for sale everywhere music is sold Feb. 28th. All my fans can expect to be pumped up, motivated, tore down, depressed, then built back up again all on one record. The most common thing I hear in response to the record is “you can just put it in and let it play all the way through.” That’s what makes a good record in my opinion. I can’t stand buying a cd and there only being one good song on it…I feel ripped off. There’s none of that with The Realest. It will definitely NOT disappoint.

Q. Having experienced a few pit stops, what has motivated you to keep going?

A. My daughter and family is one of the main reasons I kept going. But to be honest…no one on the face of this Earth can tell me that music isn’t what I’m meant to do. It’s just something I know… with every fiber of my being, I KNOW I was put here to reach others through music. I’ve heard many times from my fans that they don’t know what they would’ve done if they hadn’t had my music to listen to during a hard time or a  struggle in there life. My music is made to help others not have to learn lessons the hard way… like I had to. If I can reach just one person today…change one life today… I can save one life tomorrow. That’s exactly why I do what I do. I haven’t been in the music business for a while now… I’m in the business of saving lives. -B Strange


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